Friday, February 27, 2009

Tired of the cold in the North? Palm Beach, FL awaits you!

With a growing recession, the Madoff fiasco, and unemployment looming for many, doesn't the South sound better and better? Florida is a buyers market right now. But if you want to get out of the cold from the North, then why not consider a Palm Beach rental? You can live right on or near to the ocean, walking distance or a short ride to all you need. And if you work from home all the better...sit your home office facing the sea and sun! I stumbled upon this great rental site for the Palm Beach area, why not give them a buzz if you consider it? The tempature has been in the 70's all week and maybe will reach 80! Balmy breezes daily await you... I can guarantee it! ( and no, I do not have any affiliation with them... have not even met Scott, Jeffrey, or Courtney. But, if you do rent from them, please pass my name on to them and let them know!..and me too, maybe we can lunch!) You'll love it in Palm Beach!

Just click here to be brought to their site!

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Kristinia - Loving Heart Mommy said...

You've won my giveaway for the Samsung M300 & Kajeet credit!

Thanks for entering and be sure to keep checking back.

We are in Rhode Island and just had that massive snow storm, Florida's weather does sounds nice! :)

ProjectHope7 said...

thanks Kristinia! can't wait to get it! pray it comes before my granddaughters bday!
I used to live in RI too for a short time..Kingston... and I worked for Harris Furs of Providence!