Saturday, May 21, 2011

Latest update on Military family who lost everyting in fire Wednesday.

**Update: Please follow my other blog Operation Blessing Brigade to follow the latest updates on our vision of paying it forward! I would really love the GFC follows , Subscribers, and comments, as that will help with sponsorship of our vision. Next week I will also be updating this blog with reviews and a giveaway or two! Looking forward to your responses and to hopefully lending a hand in blessing this family that lost so much.

Cathy ~ Operation Blessing Brigade & team

~   Until later,      Cathy & team Operation Blessing Brigade

  *** 2nd UPDATE ~ If you are in the Massachusetts area and would like to work with someone local,  please contact team member ~ Judy M at   ~ 
Remember one by one, we can help bless this family! Your part in this mission is important! 

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