Wednesday, December 30, 2009


OK..OK... My birthday is in a couple days. And as self serving as it may sound, while truly, from my heart, promoting one of the best brownie companies I have found to date,.. it is also a plea(LOL..can you tell how great their brownies are?.. I have succumbed to a plea..not for groceries or diamonds, or any other luxury.. but (as only brownie or chocolate lovers around the world would understand).. for FAIRYTALE BROWNIES fudgy, melt~in~your~mouth brownies~!!).. that maybe someone will find it in their heart to be a Secret Santa..or ( Secret Birthday friend!)Was hoping Santa would remember me at Christmas and phone up the friendly folks at Fairytale Brownies. But, alas, it did not happen. So, after reading my little post about this great brownie company and their excellent customer service, you can just email or call Fairytale Brownies at
Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00am-5:00pm MST
Phone: 1.800.531.5209. They can email me for my address, if not on file!.....giggling with delight, as a child thinking of the possibility of a desired present~..after all, there is a child in all of us that delights at the thoughts of something special...a gift... something we desire, just because...something that not only brings a smaile to the child , but also to all those around, when they see the face or heart of the recipient... Thats why I also love the name of this company...FAIRYTALE BROWNIES... but the ending is like that of Cinderella.. Dreams do come true at this company.. the happy ending IS incredible brownies that will delight the child ( young or older!) in all of us.

Another incredible , awesome gift for any brownie lover ( and personally I, too, would love this, the reusable box they come in!) would have to be the gift set on sale, that is great for any brownie lover on your list, for any occassion..even as a great HOSTESS gift or a thank you gift would be the
Fairytale Deluxe RS312 $29.95

SAVE 50% Regular Price: $59.95

Their stylish faux suede-and-leather gift box offers a refined touch to your gift giving. Includes 3 brownies, 6 Sprites, and 18 Magic Morsels. Top it all off with a jar of Fairytale Endings® Chocolate sauce for a rich and fudgy indulgence.

Standard shipping is $6.95 per recipient. Sale items cannot be combined with volume discounts, shipping offers or other discounts. Limited quantities available. New orders only.

Fairytale Delights
JF320 $49.95

SAVE 50%
Regular Price: $99.95

Send this rich and delectable trove of desserts, toppings and beverages. Placed inside their giant purple gift box are 12 brownies, 6 Fairytale Sprites, a 4 oz. bag of Fairytale Jumbo Cashews, 8 oz. each of Fairytale Coffee® and Fairytale Cocoa®, plus 1 jar each of our Chocolate and Caramel Fairytale Endings® dessert sauces. Your lucky recipient will be able to create the ultimate dessert!

Standard shipping is $6.95 per recipient. Sale items cannot be combined with volume discounts, shipping offers or other discounts. Limited quantities available. New orders only.

Now after all is said and done, how can you not run to your phone or to their site and order one or two of these awesome special today?! Don't forget, they can stay about a week in the refrigerator..( I dare you to try and keep them that long... seems to me there may be a few midnight raids to the kitchen, if you try to!).. or a bit longer in the freezer. They freeze great as they are individually wrapped. Just take them out and put them on a plate, still in wrapper, while they thaw. They are also a great treat or surprise to put in a loved ones lunch. But, to be frank, they are truly so rich and fudgy, if you are looking at calories, what I suggest is cutting in half(what they call SPRITE size Brownies), and wrap up individually to put in that loved ones lunch. I also have cut them in 4 and put a bite size piece on each dessert plate with a sorbet or french vanilla frozen yogurt. Another wonderful option with this company is that you can choose your own flavors for an additional cost of $3.95. For example if you love Toffee, Caramel, Raspberry, Cheesecake, or Original Plain,(my personal faves), you can choose to have your assortment be just those flavors for a small additional cost. If you are having a corporate function, they have large bulk boxes, or for a more elaborate social event, they do corporate logos on the boxes, via box sleeves or ribbons..of any size, by the way, small guest boxes or large regular size boxes. You can go to their site, and see an example of how beautiful the corporate boxes can look!

So if you are in a firm that gives employee gifts, or has social events, you may want to forward this blog review to them... you may be glad you did!

And last but, not least, please take a few minutes to head over to Facebook and join them as a Facebook Friend. If you do, please them them know I referred you, or let me know you joined them on Facebook. If they receive only about 60 or 70 more fans, they will have a drawing for some brownies! (And to be clear, this is an awesome product and awesome company and I would have made the same blog statements with or without this facebook friend contest!!)
Some last minute specials they are running can be found here:

**SET OF FOUR** Magic Morsel Dozen

HF454 $39.90

SAVE 50%
Regular Price: $79.80

Let them enjoy one dozen of our perfectly portioned bite-size Magic Morsels. Includes 12 each of Original, Caramel, Chocolate Chip and Walnut flavors in 4 beautiful purple boxes with silver lining.

Standard shipping is $6.95 per recipient. Sale items cannot be combined with volume discounts, shipping offers or other discounts. Limited quantities available. New orders only.

Fairytale Tower
RF327 $29.95

SAVE 40%
Regular Price: $49.95

A towering achievement. Our delicious treats are carefully packaged in 4 silver boxes and wrapped with a purple bow. Inside 3 brownies, 6 Fairytale Sprites and 18 Magic Morsels wait to delight.

Standard shipping is $6.95 per recipient. Sale items cannot be combined with volume discounts, shipping offers or other discounts. Limited quantities available. New orders only.

Oh and one more thing I have to share, FAIRYTALE BROWNIES ships to our service men and women! Please let them know about anyone in the armed forces you wish to purchase and ship to and ask them about any special shipping discounts for armed forces shipments! You can also buy in bulk to ship to a bunch of service people! Their customer service is more than happy to help you make the best choices for your purchases and shipments.
Did you know that FAIRYTALE BROWNIES is no newcomer?? Even FOOD NETWORK has found out about them! So let's help spread the word about a great company, with a great product and special caring people! So settle back please and take a quick look at a little of Fairytale Brownie History! ( It's about a 4 minute video from Food Networks program..."UNWRAPPED" from April of this year.)

If you liked this blog post, please do me a favor and leave a comment, here or on their site at Facebook. Maybe they will see the review and decide to award one of my readers with their own Fairytale Brownies to try! You never know!...Blessed and Prosperous New Year to all of you!


Beth Dunn said...

Love brownies!

Robin said... I'm craving brownies! I don't know whether to bless you or curse you ;).

They should thank you with tons of chocolate for this delicious review!

{thanks for your visit to my blog!}

Teamarcia said...

OMG I had FTB a couple years ago, hubby brought them home from work, and I still dream about them! Yum!

Pink Martini said...

Hi from Pink Martinis and Pearls! I could not find your email link to write you regarding the platoon. What did you have in mind? :) I would be honored to have you review my cookies. Please let me know how I may help in either areas.