Saturday, July 11, 2009

Box Office Busters from 'Godlywood'

Box Office Busters from 'Godlywood'

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Andrea McMann said...

One way is to leave thoughtful comments on other blogs, which you did for me. Thanks! I'm going to follow you on twitter, too. :)

I've found that the more you put into blogging, the more you get out of it. I've seen a direct relationship between the amount of time I spend working on my blog and its success.

Good luck! It takes time!

ProjectHope7 said...

Thanks Andrea.. As you can see I do spend alot of time doing that... too much most of the time. I write loads of comments on other peoples blogs building them up and sending something positive to say to them, as I know thats what we all need most days. I get alot of personal thank you's from people in my emails thanking me for following, or for my comments, but then I guess they forget to follow back. I also to try to leave little notes on peoples comments. I am still trying to understand the link backs. I still dont really get how to use them I signed up for MckLinky and was overwhelmed by it.. 800 links in one afternoon.. tried to follow and link to alot of them, but then found only a couple did the same. In one sense it doesnt matter, as I love the fact I have made some great new friends with the few people that really do network back. Truly sweet people have been the result of blogging!