Thursday, February 12, 2009

Free Valentines Ecards at Nature Conservatory

Valentines is just around the corner... why not send your loved one... not just your spouse, or friend, but also family, and others important to you, something special... Valentine's shouldn't be a sad day for those who are single or dont have someone special in their lives. It should be a day to spread Love and encouragement to those all those around you that hold a special place in your heart! There are lots of great ecards out there. is a Christian, family oriented site that has great ecards. Today I came across another awesome site... ...while there take a good look around...its a green living site that offers alot of info on how you can make a difference. And how you can lessen your carbon footprint.

Busy working on several reviews and a new separate blog, Simply Chocolat! Just a reminder, send me your comments on the MASCARA post, and anything else about MASCARA you want to say. Manufacturers, send me YOUR MASCARA! Both myself and my team of reviewers are ready and waiting!

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